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SCNG Organization History of the Guard Benefits
Today’s National Guard citizen-soldiers and airmen serve our Nation and our State with unparalleled professionalism. Guardsmen and women bring knowledge and experiences gained in their civilian lives to their units. They return to their homes and workplaces with new leadership skills and new insights to build solid families, better businesses, and stronger communities.
When you become a citizen-soldier or airman in the South Carolina National Guard (SCNG), your mission is two-fold; consisting of a state and a federal mission.
The SCNG’s state duty is to protect the citizens of South Carolina during civil disturbances or natural disasters. It was these soldiers who cared for our state when Hugo came through in 1988 and hurricane Floyd in 1999.
For federal duty, the SCNG is activated by the President during national security concerns such as Desert Storm in 1990, terrorism warnings in September 2001, and currently in Operation Iraqi Freedom.
Listed as follows are significant contributions made by the South Carolina National Guard over the past several years:
Contributions to Desert Shield/Desert Storm
Counterdrug Operations
More Recent Contributions

SC National Guard Organization
The SCNG is composed of 192 units ranging in operation from Combat to Combat Support and Combat Service Support Units. In other words, no matter what your field of expertise: communications, medical, technology, etc.; you can find a job that fits your knowledge in the SC Army or Air National Guard. There are both full-time and reserve positions available. Full-time national guardsmen work at an armory daily in their respective fields, drill one weekend a month and two weeks a year. Reservists drill just one weekend a month and two weeks a year. All may be called upon when activated for state or federal duty.

History of the National Guard
The National Guard was formed in New England in December 1636 to guard the fledgling colonies against Indian attack and later in 1670, in South Carolina and Georgia, against a Spanish invasion from Florida. The “Minutemen” formed militias to protect country and home and would later turn against Great Britain to fight in the Revolutionary War. The National Guard has served the U.S. in all major wars since the Revolutionary War including the U.S./Mexican War, World War 1 and 2, Desert Storm, and currently Operation Iraqi Freedom. There are currently approximately 350,000 guard soldiers across the Nation.

Benefits of Joining
When you join the SC Army of Air National Guard, you will be joining a powerful force committed to the safety of our great State and Nation; a history that gives America her freedom; and a second family. With membership in the Guard, you have the opportunity to receive 100% tuition assistance furthering both your college education and field education by working hands-on with the newest technology on drill weekends. Guardsmen and women are given every opportunity to further their careers by attending training seminars, officer schools, and continuing education programs. Become a member of the SC National Guard today by contacting your nearest recruiter. You can find him/her by calling or logging onto 1-800-GO-GUARD.

South Carolina National Guard Contributions to Desert Shield/Desert Storm
One of the crowning achievements for the SCNG in recent years was its vital contribution to Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm. South Carolina Army National Guard (SCARNG) soldiers and units were some of the first called to action in August 1990, beginning with communications specialists of the 228th Signal Brigade, who supported U.S. Army operations in the very early stages of Desert Shield. The first two units activated and deployed were the 265th Quartermaster Detachment, a water purification outfit from Allendale, and the 132nd Military Police Company out of Florence. Both saw extensive duty in the Gulf. Twelve SCARNG units served in Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm.
Both major units of the South Carolina Air National Guard (SCANG) were deployed to Saudi Arabia during November and December 1990. The 240th Combat Communications Squadron provided all communications support and air traffic control at Al Kharj, one of the major air combat bases in the war. The 169th Tactical Fighter Group flew more than 2,000 combat missions from Al Kharj, suffering no losses of aircraft or people, and achieving one of the highest aircraft maintenance rates in the entire Gulf War.
In all, 14 South Carolina National Guard units and 2,400 soldiers and airmen helped the United States and its allies achieve the great victory in Desert Storm. Back

Counterdrug Operations
One of the current flourishing missions of the National Guard nationwide is the Counterdrug Mission. In South Carolina, the Guard has supported federal, state, and local authorities in drug interdiction and eradication operations since 1989. Some of the Guard support includes aerial surveillance, manpower support, search and seizure assistance with customs agents at the ports of Charleston, and search and seizure of marijuana fields. All National Guard involvement is in a support role, assisting a lead agency, such as the State Law Enforcement Division or the U.S. Customs Service.

More recent contributions
Throughout the past few years, our Guardsmen and women have been deployed to the countries of South Korea, Japan, Germany, Italy, Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Panama, Belize, Honduras, and Costa Rica to name just a few places. We have built schools for children in Belize and a section of road on the California/Mexico border to help stop the drug flow into the United States. We have vigorously trained for our wartime missions while simultaneously performing our state duties to the highest of standards.
In 1997, two Army National Guard units and one Air National Guard unit were deployed to Bosnia in support of Operation Joint Endeavor. These deployments ranged from six to nine months in duration with more than 300 soldiers and airmen involved. These Guardsmen and women and this mission represent the high state of readiness required to perform our duties for the Nation on a moment’s notice.
We have responded to the call of our own state’s families during the threats of Hurricanes Hugo, Bertha, and Fran. We provided security, traffic control, and disaster response with professionalism and compassion. Our Guard further responded to the needs of our neighbors in North Carolina as 300 engineers provided emergency relief to devastated areas in the aftermath of Hurricane Floyd.
Our Air National Guard continues to pave the roads of excellence with the 169th Tactical Fighter Squadron achieving a superior rating as the top rated F-16 Fighter unit in the United States Air Force’s inventory. The 240th Combat Communications Squadron provided critical support to the Bosnian theater of operations. Both carry the professionalism and the spirit of the “Minuteman.”
The accomplishments of and accolades for our Guard have been too numerous to count. A profound sense of duty and patriotic dedication is found throughout our ranks as the men and women of this great state choose to be an intrinsic part of a vision for the future