Executive Directors Corner

Quarterly Membership Update and Wrap-Up


Dear State Members,

This update will be posted at the end of every quarterly for our State Association membership. If there is something that you would like to have improved or have a question or concern about the Association, please let us know by sending an email to NGASC@ngasc.org.

We are here to serve you and are always looking at ways to improve office practices.  We will be updating this quarterly reminder to help with membership numbers and keep you updated on future events.  If your MSC has not received your quarterly membership report from NGASC, let us know. It should be generated monthly.  If you have questions regarding membership, please send an email to mvick@ngasc.org.

This quarterly update will contain:

  • Quarterly Membership Update and Wrap-Up will feature the number one issue at EANGUS and NGAUS to brief your Soldiers and Airmen on.
  • Current Membership Numbers by MSC for the State Association.
  • Save the dates for future events. The stronger we make our State Association, the more effective we will be in protecting the jobs, equipment, and benefits of your National Guard.


Lawrence Crowson

Executive Director, NGASC