NGASC Life Insurance Program for South Carolina National Guardsmen and Airmen. In May 2017, our association will provide a no cost $1,000 death benefit for active guard members. This new benefit is provided at no cost to you by the NGASC. Active Guard members are covered 24/7 whether drilling or not as long as you meet one stipulation. You must complete the application, designate a beneficiary, and have your signature witnessed by one of the licensed association representatives.

The existing basic program provides financial protection in the event of death. It also provides coverage for your spouse and/or children, all at an affordable monthly cost. Basic coverage gives you five benefit options, between $5,000 and $50,000, and you can apply for $5,000 without evidence of insurability. Answer three simple health questions for additional coverage. Spouse and dependent coverage is also available. Premiums are payroll deducted. You may continue this insurance at the same rate upon retiring or separating from the SCNG up until the age of 70. Soldiers and Airmen that have the Basic coverage, the emergency death benefit payment is up to $10,000 (as long as you have at least $10,000 in coverage) payable within one business day of notification.

Building on the success of the Basic coverage, the NGASC will offer a new Enhanced coverage to Soldiers and Airmen who have the maximum coverage amount on the basic program. The Enhanced program provides affordable term life insurance with a level death benefit and only three age bands for contributions. You and your spouse can purchase $50,000 of protection for as little as $4 a month if you’re under 50 years of age and don’t use tobacco or nicotine products. No medical exam for Guard members under age 50 applying for up to $250,000 of coverage and ages 50-59 up to $100,000. For spouses, no medical exam under age 50 up to $150,000. The Enhanced program is 24 hour coverage with no war or terrorism exclusions. For Soldiers and Airmen that have the Enhanced coverage, the emergency death benefit payment is up to $15,000 payable within one business day of notification. Full coverage continues after retirement or separation as long as contributions are paid, coverage continues to age 70.

The Enhanced coverage comes with AFBA family survivor college scholarship. Surviving spouse and children are eligible for $10,000 per year, per family, up to a total maximum benefit of $40,000 toward a college degree when member dies in a combat zone as a result of combat action or acts of foreign or domestic terrorism.

For questions, please contact NGASC at (803) 254-8456.


If you would like Jimmy Foley, NGASC Benefits Manager, to contact you or your commander to arrange a visit to your unit, please contact him by email at