Presidents Corner

The Presidents Corner

March 23, 2017

Dear Members,
Thank you for your vote of confidence in me as your next President of this association, and thank you Dean Widener and Larry Crowson for your hard work guiding this organization for the last year.

MG (ret.) Hargett made some comments at the conference that should be a wakeup call to everyone in this association and in the South Carolina National Guard. In layman’s terms, he said that our membership of South Carolina is average in numbers compared to other states in NGAUS and that the average age of members is above 60 years of age.

We, everyone in the South Carolina association (NGASC), need to really take heed of these comments primarily because the people we represent are not just the retirees, but the younger enlisted and commissioned Soldiers and Airmen of this great state. The benefits we fight for, and have obtained, will be the benefits those Soldiers and Airmen have and use in their careers, as we have done in ours. As the leaders and elders of this fine association, we have to start recruiting and mentoring every possible prospect we come in contact with; so I challenge each of you to recruit and mentor one officer, and sponsor and mentor one enlisted member of the SCNG culminating in their attendance at the next NGASC conference.

It must be our objective to get younger Soldiers and Airmen involved in the professional association so that they can become involved in building and improving their military organizations for the future of our military.

I plan to reorganize the membership committee to align the committee with representation from each of the seven MSC’s, and work with the MSC commander’s to get motivated representation from their MSC on this committee.  This committee will review current membership tracking procedures and then build knowledgeable recruiting teams to have representation down to the company level and can answer questions about our association from the younger Soldiers and Airmen.

The resolutions committee will also be reviewed and possibly restructured to embody the Task Force concept used at the national level to process resolutions.  Using this process will allow us to have more of an influence on the resolution at the national level and more transparency of the resolutions from inception to approval at the state level.  We want to show transparency in the process, and to support resolutions that support the goals of the SCNG and that of needs of the Soldiers and Airmen we represent.

Lastly, as we heard from many great speakers during the last conference, good-honest and focused communications is needed to improve and develop any organization.  Unless the members of this association are involved and the executive council is transparent to the members with its actions, this association (YOUR ASSOCIATION) will not improve.

This council needs you to tell us what you envision to be the future of this organization. We need you, the member, to get involved and make this association the “Exceptional Professional Association” that we all know it can be.

Warm regards,

Brian E. Jezewski

President (2017-18)



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